We offer a wide range of crown-restoration services using high-quality materials, such as copper, tin-plated copper, stainless/galvanized steel, zinc, lead, and slate.


The cornice is the oldest type of architectural crown found in Montréal. Decorated with appliqués, mouldings and corbels, this architectural element is the Company’s specialty. La Corniche offers restoration services that will live up to your expectations and add prestige to your façade. Request a quote for a complete evaluation of your project.


Made of slate or Canadian-style tin roofing, mansards are part of our urban heritage. This style of crown is usually adorned with several unique decorative elements, which must be carefully reworked or fortified during their restoration. La Corniche executes those repairs with precision, while exceeding established standards. In fact, we will even revamp and rectify all original design flaws in order to achieve a flawless and lasting result.


The decorative elements on parapets have all too often been neglected. Located on top of a building’s façade, parapets are often sorely tested by our weather conditions. Decorative details, such as spikes and florets, will be carefully reworked by our team to ensure long-lasting resistance to the elements.


In accordance with your specifications, La Corniche can design and manufacture new, custom ornaments, such as spikes, florets, or decorative eavestroughing. All parts are handcrafted in our workshop from plans, drawings or pictures. Following your ideas and inspiration, we can handle your special projects from start to finish.