Maxime Lepage and his team of highly skilled craftsmen will support you throughout all your projects, ensuring they meet all your requirements.


The tinsmith is an artist among artisans. Maxime Lepage has specialized in sheet-metal work for the last ten years. As a student, he was selected to participate in the Quebec Olympiads of Specialized Trades. After his studies, he worked for several large companies and participated in major urban heritage restoration projects. With great respect for tradition, he has acquired strong expertise in residential, institutional and religious buildings restorations. He also helped train the next generation of sheet-metal workers at Montreal’s Construction Trades School where, as a teacher, he shared his know-how in technical drawing, metal folding and craft techniques. He is known for using traditional work methods, similar to those used in the past.

Driven by an undeniable passion, he created La Corniche to actively participate in the conservation of our architectural heritage and create a legacy for the benefit of future generations. With fervent attention to detail and great professionalism, Maxime Lepage and his team adhere to the best practices and highest standards to ultimately deliver… true artistry.

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